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Screaming O GO Vibe Ring

Screaming O GO Vibe Ring

A simple yet effective, versatile ring that's perfect for anyone who wants a quick O on the GO. Boasting a super-stretchy erection band that stretches and moves with you, without uncomfortable constriction. The GO ring keeps him harder for longer and can even lead to more intense orgasms. The micro buzzer is what will really get you going; wear it on top for clitoral stimulation or wear bellow for a delightful buzz on the testes. The ring is also very handy for full body play, wear it on the finger and delight your erogenous zones with 13,500 RPM. This discreet and disposable ring can be slipped in to a pocket so it's there whenever you need it. -40+ minutes of battery life - disposable - 13,500 RPM.

Supplied in a sealed pack.

Price: 4.99 (Including VAT at 20%)