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SKYN - Non Latex - Selection 18 Pack

SKYN - Non Latex - Selection 18 Pack

The "Next Generation" of Condoms.

A Selection of NON latex condoms brought to you in a retail pack containg 9 condoms. It's a chance to try all three types and find which one you prefer. Each pack contains 3 SKYN Original, 3 SKYN Extra Lubricated, 3 SKYN Intense Feel. SKYN Condoms are made from Synthetic Polyisoprene a scientifically formulated non latex matertial which provides a softer more natural feel and has been clinically proven to enhance stimuation.
Feel Everything with SKYN Condoms.
Supplied in 2 sealed retail packs of 9 condoms, 18 condoms in total

Price: 14.99 (Including VAT at 5%)

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