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Personal Lube Sampler Pack

Personal Lube Sampler Pack

Using the right Personal Lube can massively improve your sex life.

We have created a Personal Lube Sampler Pack containing a selection of the best seller Personal Lubes so you can try a different variety to see which one works best for you and your partner.

All of these Lubes are condom compatible and each pack contains:
1 x Durex Play Feel 50ml bottle
2 x Sachets of Mates Silky Smooth
2 x Sachets of Pasante Light Lube
2 x Sachets of Pasante Silky Lube
2 x Sachets of Liquid Silk Lube
3 x Sachets of Mixed Flavoured Lubes

12 Lubes in total for only £7.49

Price: 7.49 (Including VAT at 20%)