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Pasante Unique Non latex Condoms 12 Pack- ON SALE

Pasante Unique Non latex Condoms 12 Pack- ON SALE

These advanced technology condoms have several advantages over conventional condoms. They are supplied in a revolutionary Credit Card pack design, which both protects the condoms and keeps them discreet in your wallet or handbag. Latex-Free and Hypoallergenic. They are also much thinner than latex condoms which helps to provide a greater sensation. (A conventional thin latex condom is around 65 microns but Unique condoms have a thickness of only 15 microns). Nominal width 60mm. Length 180mm. Unique design, flared base and odourless
Supplied in 4 packs of 3 Condoms, 12 condoms in total.

Price: 7.50 (Including VAT at 5%)

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