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Durex Intense Gel 10ml - NOW ONLY £4.99

Durex Intense Gel 10ml - NOW ONLY 4.99

Durex Intense Orgasmic Gel with desirex stimulant, is designed for more intense orgasms!
Just a few drops massaged onto the clitoris during foreplay and the special formula will bring sensual warming, cooling or tingling sensations that will increase the sensitivity of her intimate areas.

80% of women who used Durex Intense Gel in a test achieved an orgasm!

This isn't a lubricant; its a stimulating gel, so just 2-3 drops are all that is need ( approximately 20 intense experiences in one bottle) Everyone is different though, so for you it may be 2 drops or maybe it's more. Take time to understand how your body reacts and how to get the most from durex Intense Gel..

Price: 4.99 (Including VAT at 20%)