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Education Pack 3

Education Pack 3

Educational Pack 3 contains 80 condoms. This a variety pack of Pasante Condoms includes a selection of different sizes colours and types.

Each pack contains, 10 Naturelle, 10 Regular, 10 Ribbed, 10 Intensity, 10 Halo, 8 Flavours, 6 King Size, 6 Infinity, 6 Trim, 1 Female condom with instruction leaflet, and 3 Non Latex Sensiva with instruction leaflet. 80 condoms in total.

Pasante Infinity condoms have a special advanced desensitising lubricant called Lidocaine Hydrochlorise (1%) which helps to delay male climax and prolong sexual pleasure.

Pasante Sensiva is a non latex condom that is suitable for latex allergy sufferers.

Available in stock now with FREE DELIVERY ready for immediate despatch.

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